About Systems Integration Group

Systems Integration Group began as Business Computer Center in 1983, founded by the same people who operate it today. For more than 25 years, we’ve provided IT services to businesses in the Tulsa area and around the country. From local businesses to global operations, we have decades of experience finding cost-effective solutions to information technology needs.

Throughout the years, we’ve earned a reputation for great products and superior professional IT services. If you have a business need in one of the following areas, we can help you solve your problems.


Back in 1983, we helped traditional data processing environments take their first steps to integrate microcomputers into their operations. Eventually, demand for these services expanded as networked systems played an increasingly important role in companies around the globe.

Our technical expertise and practical background provide a unique advantage in evaluating the needs of corporate clients.  As growing companies increase their reliance on information technology through e-commerce solutions and global communication networks, SIG continues to meet the ongoing demands of tomorrow’s technology.


MS Network Certification
Microsoft Business Certification