Chapter One - Hidden Dangers of Outdated IT Tech



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Almost everyone puts off upgrading until it bites them where it hurts. Under the day to day pressure of operations, IT upgrades may seem like a luxury your business can’t afford.

Unfortunately, the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” can land you in hot water. Surprises in IT range from “Ouch!” to “I just filed bankruptcy.”

It pays to keep an eye on the systems keeping you in the black. Accurate risk assessment and management can help you avoid IT disasters.

Old software and operating systems expose your company to malware and security risks. Do you handle any sensitive information or data? What would happen if this information were lost, or stolen?

Outdated applications, hardware, and operating systems put your data in danger. This is especially true for companies handling crucial data like medical records and financial transactions.

With older technology, malicious hackers have plenty of time to find holes in your system.

When your software is up to date, you have the support of the company who made it. They work to find the bugs, update your system, and keep you secure.

But what happens when they stop supporting your version of the software?

Hackers don’t stop. They work round the clock to chip away at your security. With no one to protect your system, you will not be able to defend against these exploits. The hackers may even use these openings to attack the rest of the system.

The same goes for old operating systems as well. Some security holes need more attention than a downloadable update from Microsoft. To ensure security and stability from the ground up, they build the fixes into the next iteration of the software.

Avoid security breaches and malware attacks by keeping your software and operating systems up to date. Take time to audit your networks regularly and see exactly what programs have been installed. Check for outdated versions that could pose potential security threats.

Make sure you have a policy in place to update to the latest security patches for operating systems and crucial applications. Don’t assume everyone knows this. They may be waiting for you to tell them to do it.

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