Financial Systems, Business Process Automation

Ann Hartness – Chief Financial Officer – KAMO Power

Always there for you

“When I run into a bind, SIG is always there.

“We’ve had a good working relationship with them all these years, and I recommend them highly.

“SIG explains things in a professional but understandable way, not like some contractors who like to talk over your head.

“I’ve worked with our account rep for years. I’ve got her cell number, her business number; I can always get in touch with her.

With payroll, there’s not a lot of room for “Oops”

“Every time I have a payroll problem, I’m glad I have SIG. You can screw up anything in the world but payroll. They understand the urgency.

“We turn our payroll pretty fast, so there’s not a lot of room for ‘Oops.’

“Timesheets come in on Friday. We turn payroll around Monday. It goes to the bank on Tuesday, and checks go out Wednesday. I don’t want to tell boss he can’t have his check till Friday.

“I was in St. Louis once, and we had a payroll problem. We called SIG and got it fixed within the hour. We couldn’t ask for anyone to respond any quicker than they do.

How we got started

“We’ve been with SIG through years of upgrades, starting with general ledger, accounts payable, then moving into other modules through the years.

“They helped us move to Solomon back in 1996. Before that, we had an Oracle database that we couldn’t touch. We had to pay a systems analyst to come in at $100 an hour to change things we could’ve done on our own. I felt so locked down.

“We told SIG what we needed. They demoed the new software for us, walked us through the advantages, helped us set it up, and gave us the source code.

“SIG gave us the flexibility to modify the database on our own. So we don’t have to pay those other guys to come out and make every little change.

“Now we have a lot more flexibility compared to the software we had originally. We have the knowledge to go in, extract data, manipulate it, do everything we need to do.”

Ann Hartness – Chief Financial Officer – KAMO Power