Country Club Case Study

Mark Southard – Controller – Country Club

“My experience with SIG has been outstanding: they go above and beyond for us.”

“It’s been great. They’re here when they say they will be, and let me know what going on. They’re very proactive instead of reactive, making things work better.

“We’re pretty unique in this part of the country; the company is one of the top 25 golf clubs in the world. SIG was here when I came 10 yrs ago. They’re extremely professional, extremely fair, and extremely reliable. ”

“We were the first PGA venue to have a remote site networked in.”

“During the 2007 PGA tour, SIG helped us with a big project: the point of sale system. Several thousand of our best friends were here. I would guess we ran probably 25,000 to 30,000 transactions during the 10 days of the tournament.

“Half a mile from club house we had a tent. Visitors could use their card to make a purchase at the tent or clubhouse. It worked the same at both locations, and kept a real-time balance.

“If they made a purchase at the tent, their balance was updated immediately. They could come back to the clubhouse and see the same real-time balance.

“SIG was instrumental in helping us design that. They designed it, specced it out, helped install and implement it. That was a big project, and it worked really well.”

“When we had problems with our recent RFID project, SIG jumped in and solved the issues.”

“Our members have stickers with radio chips on their vehicles. So when they hit a reader at the front or rear gate, it IDs who they are.

“When Mr. Smith comes through the front gate, the security gate knows who he is and lets him in. The information also goes to the pro shop, the receptionist, the valet, so they can all greet him by name.”

“SIG could troubleshoot problems the vendor couldn’t solve.”

“When some of the RFID readers were having trouble working, SIG jumped in with the engineer to fix them. They have been a huge help.

“SIG told the vendor why their equipment wasn’t working like it should have, which is just unfathomable to me. The company we bought the product from has not been as big a help as SIG.

“Recently the server was knocking out some of the readers. SIG ran some tests and got things working again. I haven’t had a bad experience with them. Just wonderful.”

“SIG is just outstanding. I’d hate to think where we’d be if we lost them.”

Mark Southard – Controller – Country Club