Happy Hands Case Study – IT Service with Heart

Allen Proo, Executive Director for Happy Hands Education Center shares his thoughts on SIG IT services.

IT Service with A Heart For the Community

“SIG has been a significant part of Happy Hands for 4 to 5 years. The IT services they provide are wonderful. You can tell they have a heart to give, and a heart for their community.

“IT is a strategic and a critical component for us. We can’t function without it. How do you communicate inside and outside of the organization without it?

“The people at SIG are our IT department. When we moved into our new building they were very helpful setting up our IP addresses, video conferencing, and everything IT for the organization. They’ve been wonderful.

Critical Technology Services

“Technology is such an important thing today. You can’t survive without it. You can’t operate any business without technology, especially when children are involved.

“The technology we have available allows us to serve other schools. We have teachers and administrators come from other states and observe how we do things. We can do that more often now via the technology, without them having to come here.

Strong IT relationships, smooth operations

“As far as my experience with other IT technicians, nobody is as smart as Alan. He’s very intelligent and good at what he does. We’re very blessed to have him.

“Our relationship with SIG has been wonderful. You can’t beat it because they keep the professional aspect in scope while also being a friend. Having that good relationship is critical to who we are.

“You can’t have a smooth operation if you don’t have a good relationship, especially with your IT people. Keith and Alan are good friends of ours.”

Allen Proo – Executive Director – Happy Hands Education Center

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