Microsoft Dynamics SL: Leveraging your Microsoft platform and productivity tools

Maximize your investments in the Microsoft technology platform and Microsoft Office productivity tools by choosing an ERP that runs off your current platform.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Simpler integration and shorter time to benefit.

2. A variety of compatible products to choose from, if you decide to switch LOB software vendors in the future.

3. Ready access to technical help from the broad section of the tech support community using the Microsoft platform.

4. Competitive pricing among alternative LOB applications and technical support services.

5. Get more value out of your other Microsoft technology investments.

Microsoft SQL Server for databases, Microsoft SharePoint to maintain portals for your employees and business partner, Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage customer information, Microsoft Word to create forms or Microsoft Excel to analyze data maintained in a SQL Server database.

All of these products share the Windows platform, and they present a familiar look and feel to users.

Choosing an ERP solution that works like and with these productivity tools and server products unlocks a new level of value in all of them. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts

Because Microsoft Dynamics ERP works like and with other Microsoft technology, it helps increase adoption rates and lower training costs.

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Taking the Next Step

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