Microsoft Dynamics SL: The right ERP solution for growth now and the future.

puzzle pieces arrowIn the market for new business software because your current solution is no longer able to keep up with your requirements? Microsoft Dynamics SL is an ERP solution that supports your growth in three important ways:

1. Adapting to your changing requirements.

Does your growth plan include starting up or acquiring new operations?
You’ll want an ERP that can be quickly and easily extended to include them so that you maintain an end-to-end view of your business as it grows.

How about international expansion? Choose an ERP solution that supports multiple languages and currencies.

Will growth lead you to deploy new line-of-business applications created by third-party developers? The right ERP solution will support easy integration.

2. Saving money.

Streamline business processes and improve productivity across your business by reducing inventory levels and days sales outstanding.

Cut down on manual data entry and increase inventory turns.

Take on increased business without comparable increases in payroll.

3. Helping you focus on the business of your business.

The right ERP will require less attention from your IT people, freeing them up for projects that drive growth.

Managers across your company, wherever they’re located, can have convenient, 24/7 access to accurate, consistent, timely information to support the collaboration and decision-making that drive growth.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are delivered through and supported by a world-class network of partners who can provide deep industry expertise and technical knowledge specific to your business.

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Taking the next step

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