OpenDNS Umbrella Insights

Systems Integration Group is now offering OpenDNS Umbrella Insights as a new web security package.


Serious Threat Protection

Everyone is looking for a better way to block malware, botnets and phishing, but OpenDNS also uncovers and contains progressive attacks before they can damage your system.

  • Real time accessibility for network security activity.
  • Globally aggregated reports.
  • DNS logs retained until you no longer need them.
  • Amazon S3 integration.
  • Immediate discovery of all affected devices or targeted users reduces remediation time.
  • Up to 60 content categories to adhere to internal and regulatory requirements.
  • Increased visibility into 1800 cloud service usage.

Predictive Intelligence

Automate protection with OpenDNS Security Graph to prevent known and emergent threats by analyzing a cross-section of the world’s Internet activity to identify infrastructure being staged – before an attack is launched.

  • Layer predictive security to complement signature-based or real-time, behavior-based security.
  • Access our global threat intelligence to expand visibility beyond the network activity from your devices and sites.

Worldwide Coverage in Less Time

OpenDNS protects devices anywhere and stays up-to-date without admin intervention because there is no hardware to install or software to maintain.

  • Secure any on-network device–even those you don’t own—by changing one setting on any existing network egress (router, Wi-Fi access point, DNS or DHCP server) you manage.
  • Secure off-network devices—no matter where they’re located—by deploying a lightweight agent that simply points DNS to us.

Never Sacrifice Performance

Want 100% up time? OpenDNS Global Network achieves this while handling more than 2% of the world’s internet requests.

Immediate Expansion of Investments

Convert local threat detection from current systems into cloud-delivered global threat prevention using OpenDNS’s APIs.

  • Program OpenDNS’s APIs to convert threat detection from existing systems into cloud-delivered global threat prevention.
  • Reduce time to seconds between detection and prevention with indicators of compromise (IOCs) aggregated by ThreatConnect or customized systems.

NOTE: Call us at 918.227.9800 for the full version currently unavailable online.

Choose OpenDNS for the best product on the market to stop attacks before the hit your network!