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What is Proofpoint Essentials?

Proofpoint Essentials: The ultimate cloud email security solution for SME.

Designed specifically for Smaller Market Enterprises, Proofpoint Essentials employs the latest in cloud technology to deliver a purpose built, true cloud email security solution. It includes antivirus protection, email filtering, archiving and continuity and can be offered to end-users through the channel to anywhere on earth.

Proofpoint Essentials is designed to meet your needs. The service harnesses Proofpoint’s advanced security technology and infrastructure, combining it with an expert understanding of the way smaller enterprises really work.


  • Hosted anti-Spam & multi-layered antivirus scanning both inbound and outbound.
  • Intelligent content filtering – based on email size, location, attachment type, sender and much more.
  • An emergency inbox – 24/7 email continuity, enabling users to send and receive email even if their server or normal service is down.
  • Instant replay – Redeliver any lost or deleted email received in the last 30 days, back to your inbox.
  • Image-scanning technology to remove illicit images.
  • Cloud email archive – To secure data, overcome storage issues and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Effective email security for SME.

Email communication is quickly becoming one of the highest priorities on a business list of security needs. Proofpoint Essentials delivers an affordable, effective email security solution to protect businesses from any form of online attack, while continuing to adhere to regulatory compliance guidelines.

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