Solutions to Protect Email, Social, and Mobile

Protect people and data everywhere

In the modern enterprise, your people, data, and devices can be anywhere. Traditional security products are designed to protect information residing on or traversing the corporate network.

Our products work where sensitive content is transferred or accessed: on the mail transfer agent, mobile app store, mobile hotspots or social media platform.

Deploy quickly, see value immediately

Cloud-based platforms such as Office 365, mobile apps, and social media require cloud-based protection.

We use the cloud to update our software every day to instantly incorporate new features and help you stay ahead of attackers. Our cloud-based deployment also gives you the flexibility to protect users on any network or device.

Get unmatched threat intelligence

We are the only company with threat intelligence that spans email, networks, social media, and mobile apps. We take our threat intelligence to the next level by applying what we learn about every threat back into our products in actionable, meaningful ways.

Our threat intelligence helps make your existing security investments more effective—and your company better protected against advanced threats.