Coming Soon! Dynamics SL 2015!

Business ManReady to see the amazing new things are coming out for Microsoft Dynamics SL?

Well, hold on to your hats, because the 2015 edition is brimming with hot new solutions for your project-based business.

From giving you control over how much access to the program employees and other users are given to widespread increase in mobile availability, Microsoft has worked hard to drive the new Dynamics SL into the future of business.

1. New Web Apps

Mobile-friendly access for all your employees

Mobile usage continues to rise, and businesses are struggling to catch up with the technology. That puts Dynamics SL ahead of the game as they introduce the new user interface that works over a wide variety of mobile devices.

The Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps strategy is to surround users with remote access to the tasks they do when away from the desk or office.

2. Companion Applications

User-friendliness for those with limited access

Many times in project-based business, there are employees, contractors or others who only need to interact with Dynamics SL in order to execute a specific task.

With Companion Applications, more processes can be automated – without having to grant access to the full program.

Not only that, but many of these applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, Windows RT, and Windows 8.1, have mobile availability.

3. Business Analyzer

Enhanced intelligence usage and distribution

Using all Microsoft applications like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL, along with Microsoft Dynamics SL, the Business Analyzer enables your business to gain insights into your current data where, and when, it’s needed most.

Another new feature, Microsoft Dynamics SL Workspace, will make full data accessible from a tablet, smartphone or desktop.

Bonus: Want to purchase a single module or feature? Maybe you need help understanding what the most cost effective strategy would be for your business, or simply how to use Dynamics SL for your unique business strategy.

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